RAJUGA (VATEC) Signature Management

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The RAJUGA product line is the spirit of our company

It is derived from the ways of the ultimate survivor and predator - the JAGUAR.
RAJUGA encompasses values of survivability and invincibility, and is the source of our products design.
The RAJUGA product line is known as VATEC in the USA and other countries.

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The RAJUGA Brand

Under the Rajuga brand, we develop, design and manufacture unique Concealment Systems for:
> Combat Element Concealment
> Personnel Concealment
> Vehicle Concealment
> ISR sensors for the 21st Century Battle space

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    The RAJUGA Standard

    All of our products meet these fundamental needs:
    > Versatility: adaptation to varied environments
    > Multi-Spectral : due to wide sensor threats
    > Easy Transport: minimal weight and volume
    > Minimal Detection Range: due to Threat proximity
    > Austere Environment Operations
      For more information about the RAJUGA products, please contact us at info@polarisolutions.com