The Team|הצוות

Who we are

We are based in Israel, and our team consists of experienced former and current IDF SOF. We carry specific know-how in training and product development in our area of expertise.


Asaf Picciotto - Co-Founder
Asaf Miller - Co-Founder, Head of RAJUGA Brand
Elad Ben Shimon - Head of OSO GEAR Brand
Idan Ben Atia - Head of Marketing and Sales

Our factory is located in the center of Israel (45 min from Tel Aviv).

Sewing machine workshop

Some Inspiration

“Then, from their new observation post in a narrow valley about 3,500 meters northeast of Serkhankhel, the Juliet operators watched an unnerving episode unfold before them. To their east they spotted five men walking in single file toward them…Three of the five were armed with AKs. The other two had RPGs. Their facial features were those of local Afghans…if the enemy fighters found the ATVs, Juliet would be in big trouble… In a turn of amazing good fortune, a blizzard suddenly appeared out of nowhere”
Juliet’s five commandos: Kris K., Bill R., and Dave H., from Delta, Jason from Gray Fox, Jay (combat controller)
From: Not a Good Day to Die: The Untold Story of Operation AnacondaSean Naylorp.164-170