TVC Substance



TVC Substance

The modern battlefield has changed more and more state of the art observation sensors working in vast spectrum are scattered all across the battlefield.

We have to defeat them.

Our TVC Substance - (Thermal visual concealment), enable exactly that, concealing objects in the ever-changing battlefield from wide types of sensors.


  • TVC Substance come in 3 basic types:
    TVC50, TVC100, TVC150

  • TVC50:
    Total Weight: 390 gr per sqm
    Thickness: 40 microns

  • TVC100:
    Total Weight: 550 gr per sqm
    Thickness: 45 microns

  • TVC150:
    Total Weight: 700 gr per sqm
    Thickness: 50 microns
  • Dimensions: Max roll width - 1.25m



  • Light Stone
  • Dark Stone
  • Woodland
  • Desert